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Yao Na Dance 

  At Yao Na Dance our teaching philosophy is love, patience, and dependability. We love dance, children, and teaching (our passion).  This is the biggest reason we are a part of this work. We hope that our love for dance inspires our students and helps them build confidence while improving self-esteem. 

  We guide every dancer that walks through Yao Na Dance Studio with patience and kindess.We teach our dancers what it means to be patient and persist. Growth may not be noticeable in the beginning,but over time it will become visible.This practice teacher them hard work,dedication,discipline and perseverance.This life lesson will not only benefit them in dance but will help shape them in whatever career choice they may chose to pursue. 

  It is our highest priority to ensure the safety of our students. The staff at Yao Na Dance supports and encourages students. We are about lifting each other up and know that Yao Na Dance is dependable, reliable and trustworthy. As a family oriented dance studio we strive to show encouragement and support to each individual student. 

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